Sunday, 14 January 2018

Prepping Timber.

Hi everyone, i,ve been spending sometime cutting timber up ready for use on the interior,

In this case i have used English oak that i have been saving for this particular project originally it was a      8''x 6''x 36'' length that was cut out while under going repair in a house built in 1568 the smell while cutting this wood is fabulous. I intend to use this oak to line the upstairs walls these are called planked walls or Muntin screens and were usually the cheaper version of paneled walls. Most muntin walls were left rough timber and were either built using a frame work construction or were nailed directly onto the timber frame of the building.

These helped primarily to keep the inside warmer but also added a different decorative approach which many people would decorate with paintings and ink patterns, there,s a house close to where i live that has excellent examples of this decorative timber. i have visited this place a few times to use the place as a reference for the dimension of materials that i have used in this project.
Floor boards for example were cut in widths from as little as 3 inches right up to a staggering 18 inches and would often be laid in any way that enabled no holes or cracks to allow vermin to crawl through stone is another material that if it was taken from another building that had fallen into disrepair some pieces may look slightly out of place in a small house but these stones may have come from monasteries or very large houses.
Well hopefully i should have some planked walls to show you quite soon. Have a great week everyone. Tony.