Tuesday, 12 January 2016

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sent me emails and left comments i very much appreciate your thoughts at this time i'm in no doubt that as time moves on things will pick up again and somehow things will get back to some normality again ive accepted the fact that i have lost many items some of which may never be replaced again but i look forward to a fresh new start and hopefully getting back into the swing of things as soon as i possibly can. I will be listing many more items on my for sale page as soon as time allows these are not necessarily damaged but are items which i no longer feel i wish to continue to pursue Many thanks  Tony.

Monday, 11 January 2016

I hope all of my followers and friends had a great Christmas and a happy start to 2016.

As some of you may already be aware over the Christmas period my home was swamped under 3ft of water to the complete lower floor this resulted in all the commissioned pieces i was working on being destroyed beyond salvage or repair also many other items including the house i was working on were destroyed too. I propose over the next few weeks to sell off a lot of items including Miniature Ivory, Miniature Icons, Fireplaces and other furniture pieces which are still in good condition but are no longer required as the projects they were meant for will no longer be completed and at the moment i have no idea when i will be in a position to start working on any new projects, i will try and post some photos of all the items as soon as possible if your interested in any pieces drop me an email.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Little progress

Hi everyone, well progress has been very slow on the commissioned piece i'm making at the moment due to the fact i'm still working away from home this coupled with my son moving house has virtually put any miniature work on hold, however i did manage to start the gilding before i left and thought id share this image with you.

Its fiddly to say the least but im sure it will be worth it once its complete, which now looks like it will run into next year! it can be frustrating but i guess it gives me plenty of time to think about the next step of the build and potentially what might go wrong. Id also like to thank everyone who takes the time to read these posts i make and assure you i do see your comments but unfortunately i'm not always in a position to thank you all with a direct reply at the moment.
Stay safe and have a great weekend everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Slow Progress.

Hi everyone, well progress has been slow on the commissioned piece I'm currently working on due to the fact i have been busy with real life  issues plus the fact i have been working away from home.
What little i have achieved has started to give the piece form and shape and hopefully over the next few weeks i will start to apply the 24ct gold gilding, i have decided to try this having never really tried it before on something this small so I'm kind of expecting to come across some problems.

All the wood has been undercoated using a flat red primer this will give the gold leaf a beautiful deep colour.

Now to apply the leaf, I'm using a water based size to fix the leaf so the whole cabinet will have to be coated with this in separate stages as to make sure the whole surface is covered, I've only really used gold leaf on large projects in the past so I'm guessing this will be a learning curve for me too.
Have a great weekend everyone  Tony.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Inside Out.

Hi everyone, ive got to the point now on the commissioned piece where the clues as to what it will eventually be are getting easier to decipher, before i work on anymore of the exterior of this piece i need to complete the interior! all will become clearer in possibly my next post but first i need to make quite a few of the glass vials in the following photograph.

                                                     (Image taken from google search)
Well i'm sure now that a little more has become apparent especially to Harry Potter fans as to what it could possibly be?

Ive managed to make around fifty of these tiny glass vials so far but i have quite a few more still to go, a tedious task but hopefully well worth the effort once they're done i put a tiny spot of gilding size on the tip of this match to balance this one on so you can see the scale.
Stay tuned for further progress!!
Have a great week everyone  Tony.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Commision Progress.

Hi everyone, well as promised here is the first photos of the commissioned piece i'm working on at the moment.Its still in its very early stages so it does look a little rough but once i start to assemble the piece i will tidy everything up.I  dont really want to give too much away as to what the actual piece will become so until i start the assembly i shall leave your imaginations to ponder at will some of you may even guess what its actually going to become.

           As you may guess from looking carefully there will be three separate levels once its put together.

I have another two pieces to construct with the tiny holes in, these will eventually hold something that will also rotate to allow you to choose which item is required,so far just in the pieces i have put together i have cut a total of 110 parts and this is just the start, i know its all a little puzzling at the moment but all shall become a little more clear very soon!
Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Silent but busy

Hi everyone, ive been silent the last couple of weeks this is due to the fact i have been deep in thought about a commissioned piece i'm working on, i'm guessing it has to rank amongst one of the most difficult pieces i have constructed but things are slowly coming together and hopefully i shall be able to share some photos with you all in the coming weeks. My own build has been put on hold until i complete this as i have said i'm in no rush to finish my own build and it's nice to be able to break off from it for a while and gather new inspirations and ideas for the interior, i'm still experimenting with colours but nothing is set in concrete just yet! Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.